Georgs Reise nach London 2014Hannoversch-Britische-Gesellschaft e.V.

Taking Part - Carriages and Horses

As we began thi project, we wanted to use a coach as near as possible to one of that time, and for this we are very grateful to the Hannovarien State Stud in Celle that have provided us with the 'Royal Coach' probably from about 1820.  This coach has been recently overhauled and is used for state shows, in particular the annual Stallion Show in Celle in.  It was originaly built in London, and was used by the second King of Hanover, Georg V. 

The real challenge on this journey however was to find a suitable carriage and horse team that could achieve the route in today's automotive climate.  As opposed to the old 'Post Coaches' that worked on a relay system with horse changes occuring regularly along the route, we sought out a team that could manage a steady 30 to 40 Km each day, using trained horses.  As a result, the Team from Traumzeit Hof in the little village of Dalle, on the northern outskirts of Eschede were chosen with their 'Euoropakutsche' .  The family of Jürgen and Christine Reimer have carried out extensive journeys over the last decade in and around Europe, and they were excited at the challenge of this particular journey.  More information about the Europakutsche at