Georgs Reise nach London 2014Hannoversch-Britische-Gesellschaft e.V.

As the Elector of Hannover the began the journey.......arriving in London as the new King George I

The journey of the Elector George Louis of Hannover to London in 1714 was much more than just a simple bridging of the distance between these two countries.  The journey symbolically represented a change both internally as well as externally.  The Head of the small Electorship of Hanover would become the ruler of one of the most powerful Kingdoms in the old world. 

As part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Hannoverien Succession (or the Personal Union between Hanover and London) the Hanover British Society is re-constructing the journey of the Elector, later George 1, as near to the original route as possible. 

As in those days, a coach and four will travel in a number of stages along the original route to London.  The end point is St. James's Palace where George 1 was received. 

Have a look at this site and see the details covering the route:  You will need to click further to get to events 2014 and then to Georgsreise.  Alternatively you can return to the German text on this site and follow the overview under Etappenziele und Aktvitäten - Stages and Activities.  We are not able to update both pages simultaneously at the moment.   

We would also like to invite you to take part in the journey on one or more of the stages.  Enjoy the route through north Germany and the Netherlands and enjoy following George's route.