Georgs Reise nach London 2014Hannoversch-Britische-Gesellschaft e.V.

The First Journey

300 Years later…..the first journey of George I reminds us of the Personal Union between Hannover and Great Britain


The Hannover-British Society is planning the coronation journey as part of the State Exhibition from Lower Saxony: Als die Royals aus Hannover Kamen (as the Royals came from Hanover).  More information about this exhibition can be found at:  The occasion is the 300th Anniversary of the Personal Union between the Hannoverian Electorship and the King of Great Britain.  


The journey, recorded historically, of the first King of the Personal Union the Elector of Hannover George I to his coronation in Great Britain is to be re-enacted using a representative historical coach and four.  The journey begins on 1st May in Hannover, and ends in St. James’s Palace in London on 16th May, the day of the offical openeing of the Exhibition in Hanover.  On three of these stages the coach will be joined by the State Coach from the State Stud in Celle.  

The journey will follow the historical route as close as possible as that of the roads available in the early 18th Century.  At the various stop-overs where the horses will be rested, there will be a number of activities organised together with the local associations and interested groups in Lower Saxony.


The Patron for the journey is the Ministerpresident of Lower Saxony Stephan Weil


As a part of the journey, and in association with the DEHOGA and the state department for highways and infrastructure, we are planning to lay down a permanent ‘Coronation Route’ for others to follow this historical part of Lower Saxony’s history. As the coach journey avoids major roads, this is also an ideal route for cyclists to follow.